The Biggest Playtech Progressive Jackpot Games

Most ordinary casino games have a fixed payout ration and no matter what you do, you cannot go beyond that. However, all this changed once the progressive jackpot games hit the online casino games. As more people would join the game, the jackpot prize will rise as well. So, the idea of a fixed jackpot prize was changed with the introduction of progressive jackpot games. Players win big in these games. As a result, progressive jackpot games have become very popular in the gambling world in a short period of time.

With the increased popularity, more and more online casino were asking for progressive jackpot games. And we have to mention the name of Playtech when it comes to making progressive jackpot games. They have made some of the most popular progressive games of all time. Although these jackpots are hit only once in a while, the money up for grab is huge. Winning a growing jackpot can make a player a millionaire in a second. So, for most progressive gamblers, the risk is worth it.

The gold rally is one of the Playtech's most popular progressive games online gambling and so far it has made quite a few people millionaires. It is a 9 reel, 8 payline progressive slot game. The coin size of this game is $2 and is very high compared to the other games. However, if the coin size is big, the jackpot is even bigger. The beach life progressive slot was the first 20 lines progressive game from Playtech. It is a crowd favorite because of the relaxing beach theme and high hit frequency. This is a game for all people as it is really simple to play.

Another line-changing the game from Playtech is the Mega ball progressive casino card game and it is an arcade game. This game is very popular because of the entertaining value. Players can enjoy a total of 8 games and they have to guess all the five balls in the casino correctly in order to win the jackpot.