Online Roulette With Live Dealers!

Many professionals who have long been playing at land-based casinos are so used to live dealers, that they find online roulette a little bland for their taste. To ensure they get business from this section of players too, casinos have come up with a mastermind idea, that of recreating the ambience of land-based casinos complete with live dealers.

Many casinos today offer both the video-type version of roulette as well as the live dealer games.

Although, playing online is completely different from actually being present at a land-based casino, live dealer casinos make some people feel good about playing on an actual roulette wheel and a real dealer. The presence of live dealers makes the game a bit more personal, unlike the video games that are played in complete isolation..

This is a matter of personal interest and preference; while some players are fine with the regular online games others prefer the live dealer games.

The live dealer roulette game shows a dealer (croupier) and a real roulette wheel. The dealer spins the wheel with the ball just like it is done at land-based casinos. The difference is that the dealer online does not wait for people to place their bets, and starts each round after one minute.

Players will also see a top box where they can tip the dealer. This is not mandatory and players can do so if they wish to.

The problem with these live dealer games is that the game proceeds slower with one minute gaps to ensure all players place their bets. Apart from this, the rest of the game surely gives the feel of a real land-based casino.

Even players who are used to video roulette tables, enjoy playing live dealer casino games once in a while as it provides a shift from the monotony.

There is also a chat box which sometimes pop up with personal comments like 'you are beautiful' etc, making the whole experience entertaining.

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