7 Casino Craps Secrets that Every Player Should Know

It is said that some 30 million people in the United States alone enjoy playing online craps. In order to stay ahead of the game and win actual, real cash, players need to understand the following seven secrets of online craps.

Secret #1 - The Casino Always Wins in the End

Many rulebooks and strategy guides on chances of winning promise to lead players to craps victory, but this is downright impossible. Over the course of thousands of games, the house will always win due to its house edge.

Secret #2 - You Do Not Have to Learn the Odds

Players are not required to learn every single calculation for every possible bet in the game of craps. All they need to do is remember the basics Ways to Win and place their bets.

Secret #3 - Players Do Not Have to Learn the Bets

There are numerous betting options, but players are not required to learn them all. In fact, it is often recommended for players to stick with even bets for the best results.

Secret #4 - Never Learn from Casinos

Some casinos will provide craps tutorials, but these people are not there to teach players how to take their money. Players should learn on their own time.

Secret #5 - Superstitions are Silly

Blowing on, kissing, or talking to the dice will not help any player throw the dice any differently. The way the dice land is purely chance.

Secret #6 - The Dice Cannot be Controlled

Players cannot use any tactics at all to control the dice. Palming the dice is ineffective and holding them a certain way will have no impact at all.

Secret #7 - Play with a Budget

Players should never walk into a casino with an open-ended budget. They should stop when they have lost a set amount of money and stop after they have accumulated a set number of wins, as well.

Players who really want an advantage over the masses of craps players should remember these seven secrets of the casino games. This is simply basic knowledge and it trumps anything else available in print.